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Designed with Home Brewers in Mind:

Cool Zone Fermentation Control was designed to use equipment that many home brewers already have, or can easily find at their favorite home brew store. 

For example, the 10-gallon water cooler doubles as a mash tun for all grain brewing.  The digital temperature controller (single-stage or two-stage) is a common home brewing accessory.  Also, Cool Zone uses either a low cost submersible pump, or home brewing style pumps like the March 809-PL-HS / 815-PL pumps and the Chugger Pumps.   

Cool Zone also works with common home brewing fermenters.  You can use your current 5, 6, and 6.5-gallon carboys and buckets with Cool Zone.   

You can find many of these items at your local HBS, or here at our online store.

The following components are used in a typical Cool Zone set-up:

1) Cool Zone Enclosure                 
2) 10-gallon Water Cooler
3) Cool Zone Cooling Jacket
4) Temperature Controller
5) Heating Element
6) Fittings and Tubing
7) Submersible Pump                     


Cool Zone also works with refrigerators and freezers too!  

Thermostatically control fermentation temperatures for your fermenters, and use the refrigerator to keep your food and beverages cold.  

cool-zone-kegerator-with-3-fermenters.jpg        cool-zone-kegrator-open-door.jpg


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