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Cool Zone Cooling Jacket:  Many of you have asked for the Cool Zone Cooling Jacket to be available separately so you can use it with your own customized systems. 

Conical Cooling Jacket:  The modular Conical Cooling Jacket fits conical fermenters with a short sidewall (approximately 9 to 10 inches in height).  The Conical Cooling Jacket allows you to retrofit your conical with an affordable cooling system. Simply use one jacket, or connect two or three modular Conical Cooling Jackets together to control your fermentation temperatures!

Cool Zone Expansion Link: Use the Expansion Link for connecting your cooling jacket to larger fermenters, up to 18-inches in diameter.

Cool Zone 80-Watt Heater (For large Diameter Fermenters):  This 80W Heater provides even heat to your large diameter fermenter.  Dimensions, approximately 49" x 11".

Carboy Thermowell with Two-hole Stopper:  Use this carboy thermowell with a digital temperature controller to ensure accurate fermentation temperature control.  The stainless steel thermowell is in contact with the beer or wine so you get an accurate reading during the entire fermentation cycle.  Recommended for use with fermentation buckets.

Auber Digital Temperature Controller - Two-Stage:  The Auber Instruments two-stage controller has some nice features not found on our other temperature controllers.  It has audible alarm set points, and a bright display that can be read from across a room or in low light.  Additionally, it is affordably priced!  The Auber controller is quickly becoming our best selling temperature controller.

370 GPH Submersible Pump:  A new lower cost pump for your Cool Zone set-up.   It pumps up to 370 GPH with a maximum lift of 90 inches. Operating pressure is approximately 3.2 PSI.  The submersible pump provides nearly silent operation of your Cool Zone system. The pump is placed inside the cooler or refrigerator, so it runs very quietly.

Cool Zone Growler Carrier:  Now that you have finished fermenting your homebrew, be sure to take it with you and share with friends!  It helps to keep your beverage chilled and secured while transporting.  


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