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If you are like me you researched fermenter temp control soon after you got serious about brewing. From 1 batch in a bucket and cooler to 5 batches in SS brew buckets in a keezer, to 10 gallon batches I have to say that brewing never felt so "pro" until I got the cool-zone setup. My hoppy pils is sitting steady at 55 degrees for 5 days so far. I have only had to switch out my frozen water bottles once and I have peace of mind that my brew is the right temp instead of guessing the ambient temp and hoping the wort matched. I could not be happier. I just ordered 4 more Sanke kegs and will purchase 4 more jackets with the extender as soon as my paycheck allows. Game changer!

M.C. California 

Perfect! Exactly what I was hoping for. It's very cool to see it fill with the cooling water and do it's thing!


I have been home brewing for over 20-years without any temp control. Have to wait until the weather was just right and crank out a couple 5-gallon batches. Now I can brew anytime I want and it's all so compact. I integrated the Jacket into my insulated 6-gallon glass carboy, so that doesn't take up any space. I store the pump and controller in the 28-quart cooler, which just happens to be the perfect size for a 20lbs bag of ice. Right now one batch ferments for a week and it's roughly (2) 20lbs bags of ice per batch. I highly endorse this system for anyone that doesn't have room for a dedicated fridge for fermenting!!!

D.W. California

I rarely write reviews on anything, and especially not without first putting a product through it's paces. I am currently fermenting my second brew with this item and could not be happier with it!. The first was a 10 gallon Oktoberfest in a 60 liter Speidel fermenter. With the addition of the cooling jacket expansion link (which is also a 1st. class product) it fit and functioned perfectly. Currently fermenting a 5 gallon Hefeweizen in a 6.5 gal glass carboy. Both fermentations have been in my garage, which has wide temperature swings. The Coolzone jacket has worked perfectly with both the large lager and crazy active Hefe fermentations. Remember to insulate the jacket (wish Gotta Brew had an insulation jacket for the Speidel, hint, hint..) as ambient temps can really impact efficiency of any cooling system.

K.L. California

Thank you so much for allowing me to test your new Conical Cooling Jacket. It has allowed me to brew all summer in our 90 degree Florida weather. Your new Conical Cooling Jacket fit my 7.5 gallon Stout fermenter perfectly. I expect that it would fit any conical that can be separated from it's stand. Initially I only used one cooling jacket because I wanted to see if one would be enough to cool the 5 gallon batch, which it did without any problems. However in the future, I will use two of the Conical Cooling Jackets, which should minimize the amount of time the submerged pump runs.

My initial set up consisted of the submersible pump set into a 10 gallon water cooler with about 7 gallons of water in it. I used water heater wrap to insulate the fermenter. Temperature control was maintained with a digital controller and submerged thermowell. Twice a day I swapped out three frozen quart containers of water. I was able to keep my fermentation temperature at 68 degrees in an 80 degree room environment without any problems using one cooling jacket. When I tried to crash drop the temperature prior to kegging I could only get the temperature down to about 50 degrees, probably due to the heat generated by the submersible pump running for a longer period of time. Had I used two wraps I would have obtained greater cooling efficiency and the pump would have run for shorter periods of time.

After realizing how great this cooling wrap worked, I decided that I needed something that didn't require me to add ice twice a day. I then adapted my system by taking a 5 gallon stainless boil pot and putting it in my Kezzer (adapted chest freezer) and setting the temperature to 40 degrees. This system worked just as well but again the limiting factor I believe was that the pump heated the water in the pot more than I would have wanted it to. Updating to your Chugger pump would eliminate the heating issue. My future plans are to either use a dedicated freezer with a glycol mix and drop the temperature to below freezing or possibly try an aquarium chiller.

I highly recommend your Conical Cooling Jackets to any brewer who is looking to be able to maintain accurate fermentation temperature control at an extremely affordable price.

H.F. Florida


Just got my order, wow, this is amazing.  About 30 minutes in on a test with 6 gallon 90o water and it has already taken 9o off the temp.  I will be sure to get more of these, I couldn’t be happier.

I have them at work now doing 3 sanke kegs of 10g batches and they work amazing.  The wort was about 71-72o F initially and it took about 5-10 min to bring it down to my 66o F.  You could never do that in a chamber with that much mass.  They work so efficiently I probably should set my controllers to do a more gradual ramp down over a few hours to help not shock the yeast in the future.

Initially I was using a 0.1o F hysteresis on my controllers, but the jackets work so efficiently that it would drop the temp to 0.2o F below the set point before the thermal mass evened out and would then kick on my heating wrap to bring it back up.  Bumping this to 0.2o F solved the issue as I didn’t really want to heat the water in the jacket unnecessarily.  I would say fermenting within 0.2o F is something I can still brag about.

Sorry for being such long winded in this email, but I feel some data would help your future customers better than saying “yeah it got them cold, thanks a bunch.”  Eventually I hope to be able to do a write up about this on homebrewtalk and also the IBU’s forum as well.  I haven’t found much information about your jackets online in the form of reviews or people using them, which is a shame because they work great!  I took a huge leap of faith trying these out, and they totally knocked it out of the park!  I would like to thank you for creating and designing such a wonderful product and your superior service.  I don’t normally gush this much, but it is well deserved, and I think everyone needs to know what a cool product this is!

A.S. Iowa


I'm really enjoying my Cool Zone system and my batch of American Session Ale is happily fermenting as we speak.

 K.W. Virginia

I have been very happy with the system and have recommended it to my fellow homebrewing friends.  Thanks for the great product!

J.D. North Carolina


I have been homebrewing for over 25 years and this is one of the best pieces of equipment I've seen! 

D.P. Washington


I have to admit, I am very excited about your product. I have been trying to come up with a good way to control fermentation temperatures and am working with very limited space. So a fridge buildout wasn't really an option for me. 

B.H. Oklahoma


Thanks for making Cool Zone! This is the exact temp control solution I've been dreaming of.



You guys have fantastic customer service and a great quality product that has greatly improved my brewing. 

G.M. California


The customer service of this company is what American companies should return to and emulate. Staff took an interest in my set up and pairing me with the proper Cool Zone set up, right down to the last detail, even alerting me to correct an error I had made in online ordering prior to shipping. Thank you friends at Fermentation Control for adding innovation and great resources to the homebrew industry.

M.C. Florida


Hi fellas, I am from Australia… our temps are all over the place and this would be ideal.


M.H. Australia


Our climate here in Australia is such that we need to be able to control fermentation temps almost all year round as it's generally pretty hot! Your product perfectly fits my requirements as it is way cheaper to run than a freezer (you don't have to run it all year round too) and it is compact and takes up little space! I absolutely love the idea so I'm keen on getting one...the sooner the better too.

J.D. Australia


Thanks for the great equipment! We just finished fermenting an amber ale, and the Cool Zone performed very well! It kept the beer to within 1-2 degrees F for the whole time, and I got much better attenuation than my old wet t-shirt and ice water method ever did. I still need to figure out the details of the Auber controller, but I'm looking forward to trying this system out again. I can't wait to try it with a lager!
Thanks again for a fine product!

J.M. Pennsylvania






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