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Storing Cool Zone

Don't have room for a freezer?  Don't want the power bill for that refrigerator?  Don't like the hassles of the ice baths and swamp coolers?  

No problem!  Cool Zone can control your fermentation temperatures to +/- 0.5 degree F, and when not in use, a complete Cool Zone system for two fermenters packs away into a single 10-gallon water cooler.  

Everything needed to ferment 10-gallon batches....  


...fits easily into one 10-gallon cooler!  (except the carboys, of course)

Complete Two Fermenter System:

1 - 10-gallon cooler / mash tun

1 - Submersible pump

1 - Two-stage temperature controller

1 - 6-port power strip (for the heaters)

2 - Cool Zone Enclosures

2 - Cool Zone Cooling Jackets

2 - Heaters (40W or 25W)

2 - Carboy hoods with thermowells

2 - Air locks

1 - 2" Dial thermometer

Misc. Fittings and silicone tubing


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