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How Cool Zone Works

Cool Zone Fermentation Control enables you to accurately manage fermentation temperatures by using a heating element, a patent pending cooling jacket, and a specially designed, patent pending insulated enclosure.


A digital temperature controller monitors the temperature inside the fermenter.  If the temperature is too warm, the controller turns on a pump that circulates ice water through the cooling jacket; or if it is too cold, it turns on the heating element.  Cool Zone can easily maintain your fermentation temperatures within +/- 0.5 degree F.


Cool Zone Fermentation Control works with one fermenter or multiple fermenters.  


Unlike conical fermenters that are made for a specific batch size, you can customize your Cool Zone system to meet your needs.  You can easily add fermenters if you want to brew a larger batch, or you can remove fermenters if you are brewing a small batch.  Either way, Cool Zone has you covered!

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