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Electricity Costs

The refrigerators and freezers work well for fermentation chambers, but how much does that Refrigerator/Freezer REALLY Cost?

Often times the actual cost of running the appliance is surprisingly high!  In the example from the EnergyStar website, an older refrigerator / freezer can cost about $250 to $400 per year to operate.  

Aside from being expensive to operate, it requires valuable floor space.  Also, using a temperature controller with the refrigerator/freezer often reduces the life of the compressor, leading to expensive repairs or replacement of the appliance.

Cool Zone Fermentation Control allows you to control fermentation temperatures to +/- 0.5 degree F, and it doesn't run up electricity bills or take up valuable floor space.




Check out what your specific refrigerator or freezer actually costs through the EnergyStar website:  



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