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Cool Zone Design


Designed with Performance in Mind.  

Cool Zone Fermentation Control’s patent pending design was specifically made for home brewers and wine makers.   The Cool Zone System was designed to fit the standard home brewing fermenters (5 to 6.5 gallon carboys and 6-gallon buckets); however the Cooling Jacket also fits a wide range of fermetners, including conicals, variable volume tanks, and kegs.
The Cool Zone system allows for accurate and repeatable fermentation temperature control to within +/- 0.5 degree F.  You can easily use a single-step or multi-step temperature profile, and since it uses a digital controller, you can easily replicate the temperature profile whenever you want.  
Also, Cool Zone can cool your fermenters up to 75 degrees F below ambient (in a 114 degree F environment) so you can brew all year long!
Enclosure:  The following covers the features and benefits of the enclosure.
Cooling Jacket:  The following details the features and benefits of the Cooling Jacket.





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