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Compatible Fermenters

Cool Zone was designed to accommodate most home brewing and wine-making fermenters.  
Glass Carboys:  5 gallon, 6 gallon, and 6.5 gallon
Plastic Carboys:  5 gallon and 6 gallon (Vintage Shop & Better Bottles)
Plastic Buckets:  6 gallon and 6.5 gallon
The Cooling Jacket also fits a variety of fermenters such as: Conicals, 1/6th Barrel Kegs, Half Barrel Kegs, Speidel HPDE Fermenters, and Variable Volume Tanks (Wine Tanks).  
Please contact us if you have questions about whether the Cool Zone Cooling Jacket will fit your fermenters. 
 conical-with-cool-jacket3.jpg         sanke-keg-with-cooling-jacket.jpg      keg-lg.jpg
  Select Conicals, 1/6 Barrel Kegs, Half Barrel Kegs
     plastic-fermenter-with-cooling-jacket.jpg             expansion-link-w-fermenter-02736.jpg
    HPDE Fermenters  (Expansion Link used on the 15 gallon model)
Variable Volume Tanks (use a single cooling jacket or multiple jackets)

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