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Benefits of Cool Zone

Cool Zone's patent pending design provides home brewers with a variety of advantages over current temperature control options:
t Brew beer that more closely matches the style you want, and replicate batches with accurate and repeatable  temperature control.
Control fermentation temperatures to within +/- 0.5 degree F with up to a 75 degree F differential at 114 degree F ambient temperature using ice water for the coolant.
Avoid high electricity bills of older refrigerators / freezers (about $250 to $400 per year) 
Select a single-temperature profile or use a multi-step temperature profile for fermentation.
Eliminate temperature fluctuations associated with ice baths and swamp coolers.
Eliminate overcooling associated with ice baths.
Block UV light with Cool Zone’s specially designed insulated enclosure.
Use your existing 5, 6, and 6.5 gallon carboys and fermentation buckets.
Customize your set up based on your batch size, simply add or remove fermenters when you change batch sizes.
Easily packs away when not in use. Everything needed to ferment two carboys fits easily into one 10-gallon water cooler.
Brew all year long with Cool Zone!

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